Friday, September 25, 2009

Boxhagener Platz 2007 - #1/3

i know, i know. these look very similar to those a few posts earlier. but let me tell you this: they're very different. these are much more subtle and don't have the technical mistakes of the first edition. it's damn near impossible to take pictures that do the originals justice- especially on a screen.

top to bottom:
IMG_5173 (2009)
IMG_5105 (2008)
IMG_5076 (2008)
IMG_4963 (2008)*

each: spray-paint and acrylic on mdf
80 x 120 cm

*A signed and numbered print of this version ofIMG_4963 limited to 20 is available at Superplan.
It's 50 x 70 cm, printed on 308 g/m2 Hahnemühle paper.

IMG_5173 is part of the Mootz collection.

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